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Team Taylor Doors: We Treat Our Mission, Kansas, Customers Like Family


If you’re tired of pushy salespeople, unreliable service and unprofessional work, we hear you. We’re tired of it too. So much so that we started a garage-door repair company for the exact reason that we knew people wanted professional, quality craftsmanship.

At Team Taylor Doors, we subscribe to the golden rule. We treat each of our customers – from the most expensive jobs to the simplest of repairs – as family. 

If you need garage door repair service in Mission, Kansas, call Team Taylor. We’ll never try to sell you a service or part that you don’t need. We’ll respect your property and clean the job site thoroughly. We guarantee that our technicians will treat you with respect and will always present themselves with a friendly attitude.

Experience the difference. Call Team Taylor Doors at 913-742-1277.

About this Area

The town of Mission, Kansas, is named for a Native American mission established on the site in 1829. Today, the community – located in Johnson County – has a population of about 10,000.

Mission, which was incorporated in 1951, boasts a tagline of: “Where the heart of Johnson County intersects with the cool of Kansas City – an authentic, thriving crossroads where residents, businesses and visitors from all walks of life come together.”

Garage Door Repair Mission Maintenance Tips

With a little preventive maintenance, you can reduce the need for garage door repairs. Follow the simple steps below to keep your door operating its best.

Keep the Door Clean and All Moving Parts Lubricated

Every few months, you should give your garage door a little bit of TLC. Some basic cleaning will help to prevent dirt buildup and corrosion.

  1. Dust the door inside and out.
  2. Apply a mild liquid soap and wipe down with a wet sponge.
  3. Rinse the door by spraying gently with a garden hose.
  4. Apply a synthetic lubricant to your door opener’s chain or screw-drive. And apply lightweight oil to your door’s rollers and hinges. Never use a lubricant on the door’s tracks as this could cause the door to slip and become unbalanced.

Safety First: Make Sure Your Garage Door’s Auto-Reverse Feature Is Working Correctly

It’s critical to your safety that your automatic garage door opener detects anything in the door’s path. If there are any obstructions, the door should automatically reverse direction to prevent injury or property damage. Never operate your door without this safety feature working properly.

To test this feature:

  1. Raise your garage door and place an object on the floor in the direct path of where the door would close.
  2. Each garage door installed after 1991 must have a pair of photo eye sensors that are usually placed 5 to 10 inches above the garage floor. The purpose of these sensors is to detect any obstructions in the garage door’s path and to then stop the garage door from continuing to close before it hits the object. This, of course, is a very important safety feature. It’s obviously critical that it’s working correctly so that there is no chance of injury.
  3. If your auto-reverse safety feature is not working correctly, clean the photo eye sensors with a damp cotton swab and test again.
  4. Never operate your garage door if this feature is not working correctly. Contact Team Taylor Doors before using your garage door any further.

Safely Check To See if Your Door Is Balanced

In order for your door’s mechanical parts not to be unnecessarily stressed, the door needs to be properly balanced.

Make sure that your garage door is fully lowered to the ground before you disconnect the door from the opener. This prevents the door from crashing to the ground, which would be a safety hazard.

To check that your garage door is properly balanced:

  1. Disconnect the door from the motor by pulling the opener’s emergency release cord.
  2. Manually lift the door until it is raised about halfway. If the door does not feel heavy, it is safe to release your hands from the door.
  3. The door should stay suspended in the halfway position without you holding it with your hands. This means that the springs are working correctly and that your door is properly balanced.

Contact Team Taylor if your garage door fails this test and is not properly balanced.

Eventually Every Garage Door Needs Some Type of Service

Even the best maintained garage doors will eventually need repair. And that’s exactly when you’ll want to call Team Taylor Doors at 913-742-1277.

Remember, at Team Taylor, we don’t think of you as a customer. To us, you’re part of our family.

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