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Team Taylor Garage Door Spring Repair of Lee's Summit, MO


First and most importantly is safety and your garage door spring repair is vital if it is not operating properly. If your garage door spring is broken or showing signs of wearing, do not continue to operate the garage door. Not only will this wear out your garage door opener and hardware. But it also increases the risk of you being involved in an accident with your garage door.

Prior to having your garage door springs repaired, it is helpful to know which kind of spring system you have. The two most common types of garage door spring systems are torsion springs (top left photo) and extension springs (top right photo).

Torsion springs are typically located directly above the garage door opening and slide onto a shaft.

Extension springs are located alongside the sides of the horizontal track and stretch as the door opens and closes.


Our technicians are fully trained, knowledgeable and determined to do things right. There is no one size fits all when it comes to garage door springs. Knowing this, our technicians properly weigh and balance your garage door to ensure that the proper springs are installed.

Doing this keeps the garage door spring system, garage door hardware and garage door opener from being overworked and allows you to enjoy the full life of your door.

On top of proper garage door spring replacement, Team Taylor thoroughly inspects all the hardware on your door. This way, if anything is worn to the point of replacement, you can be informed and stay proactive so disaster doesn’t strike again anytime soon.

Pro Tip #1

Team Taylor always recommends replacing both garage door springs when one ends up finally snapping. This is because they both originally have the same life span on them and the last thing you want is to make a second call for a repair shortly after the first.

(The same reason you wouldn’t and/or shouldn’t drive around on one bald tire). 

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