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Residents in Peculiar  can trust in Team Taylor Doors to offer quality service in garage door repair and installation!  Our client reviews speak for themselves on how much are customers love and appreciate the job that we do.  Be the next Peculiar home with a garage door either repaired or installed by Team Taylor Doors.

The industry has changed and garage doors have become more complex.  You need a qualified and experienced company to service your home and help you stay safe with a Garage door that is operating properly.  One thing that has remained constant is our dedication to providing the best garage door repair solutions for your residential and commercial clients.

Peculiar Garage Door Repair and installation Company

Premier Garage Door Repair For Your Peculiar Home Or Business

All the responsibilities of being a homeowner or business owner can be overwhelming.  You don’t need the added burden of Garage Door problems that happen unexpectedly.  Failure to maintain a regular garage door maintenance plan can lead to regular problems and cost you more in the long run to take care of problems that could have been avoided.   Below are some common problems we face and help our Peculiar residents with.

Garage Door Opener Won’t Go Up
There are many reasons why your garage door won’t go up. It could be a faulty logic board, faulty garage door springs, or a blocked photo eye among several other things.  All issues don’t necessary mean you need a new door or opener.  Let us come out and take a look so that we can offer or expert advice on getting that garage door up and running

Garage Door Gets Stuck

Garage doors are suppose to make life simpler, but there is nothing more frustrating that a stuck garage door.  After a lot of wear and tear its possible that your garage door could start to have these issues.  The issue could be related to a garage door thats off the track, broken spring, obstructed track or possible cold weather and ice. If you notice any of these things then give Team Taylor a call.

Garage Door Spring Replacement
Garage Door Springs are another common problem. Whether its a torsion spring or tension spring, we will ensure that your new springs fit perfectly and will do it at a reasonable price. Call our professional garage door repairmen to find out what is causing the problem and we can determine the best process of repair.

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