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10 Tips for Choosing a Long-Lasting Garage Door

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Picking out a new long-lasting garage door isn’t as easy as it may seem. You need materials that will hold up against the wear and tear of use, protect your home and belongings against the elements, and still look good.

A good garage door should last you for many years. So it is well worth the investment to get a good one that will stand the test of time and the constant use it will surely get.

10 Tips for Choosing a Long-Lasting Garage Door

There are actually a huge variety of garage doors available, but not all are as long-lasting as others.

1. Talk to a Pro

You are going to get a lot of advice, whether you want it or not. On top of that, depending on where you go, you may also get an eager salesperson whose more than happy to sell you a garage door you may not even need.
A lot of box box name salesmen work on commission, and will almost always push the higher priced doors, which are not always the door that suits your needs the best. Talk to the people who install and repair the garage doors, as they will know which one will be best.

2. Avoid Real Wood if…

Real custom wood garage doors look truly remarkable, but will not aesthetically last if they are not properly maintained. They require a lot of added maintenance that “traditional” garage doors do not. However, if you take the time to have them taken care of, you can bet your garage doors will be the highlight of your neighborhood.

If you’re looking for a similar look without the same investment, steel and other garage door materials can be made to look just like real wood without the needed yearly re-coating and regular specialty maintenance they required.

3. Upgrade the Opener

If you have a garage door opener that is just as old as your old garage door you’re planning on replacing — upgrade the opening system as well. Your old system will be used to working for the old door, and may not adjust to the new one as smoothly. You may also save money upfront bundling the two being preventative.

4. Get Insulation

Getting an insulated door will help save energy, keep heat and cool air where they should be, and even cut down on the noise. Insulated garage doors are also better constructed, as they come with more layers of protection. If the door has insulation, upgrade to the best you can.

5. Upgrade Hardware

Ask about getting better quality hardware. This could be anything from upgraded hinges, springs, rollers, cables and other bits that get a lot of use. These will help keep your garage door functioning for a lot longer — which in turn will save you money years down the road in wear and tear repairs.

6. Think Practical

Different types of garage doors function in different ways. While some may look cooler than others, they may also require more maintenance on the backend. If you are using your garage door a lot, get garage doors that will work best for you and your family’s needs. Long-lasting garage doors should open and close easily.

7. Windows

Windows can add a great deal of curb appeal to your home and garage door. Not all windows are alike however. Find windows that let light in but don’t allow people to see inside. There are different upgrades glass options ranging from obscure, frosted and tinted. These add a spectacular look while maintaining the level of privacy many homeowners are after.

8. Don’t Install them Yourself

Garage doors are heavy and awkward to lift in some cases. On top of that, many of steps of done incorrectly can be quite dangerous and even life threatening. Don’t be a hero and try to install them yourself. Always get professionals to do it for you. If you get hurt, damage the door, or your home, your homeowner’s insurance may not cover it.

9. Don’t Go Cheap

Getting the cheapest doors isn’t doing anyone any favors — including yourself. You don’t need to buy the most expensive ones, but if you want long-lasting, good functioning garage doors, make sure you start with quality materials.

10. Warranty

Deal with a reputable dealer only. Your best bet is to get the doors through the company who is going to install them. They know the best types of materials, doors, and stand behind their products and service.

Long-Lasting Garage Doors

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