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Garage Door Drum Replacement

Garage Door Drum Replacement

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Whenever you encounter an issue with your garage door, it is important that you have it serviced immediately to prevent the problem from affecting the other components. When you don’t take any action to fix a damaged part of your garage door, there can only be two possible outcomes. One, it may lead to bigger problems as it will likely affect the workings of the other components. Or worse, it may cause accidents.

As such, do not hesitate to contact Team Taylor Doors for the proper maintenance of your garage doors. We value your trust and confidence in us. We will always give you the most cost-effective advice with regard to your garage door needs.

Furthermore, we will never take advantage of you. Know also that we are licensed, bonded and insured this information is relevant for your added protection.

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A problematic garage door drum may probably be due to a buildup of dirt and rust. This is what makes your garage door noisy and shaky . Hopefully, any problem with the drum will not affect your garage door cable and spring. This is why it is vital to contact an expert to double check.

The importance of a garage door drum cannot be overemphasized. It works alongside your door springs for the smooth operation of your garage door mechanism. It keeps your garage door balanced as it opens and closes. There are three types of garage door drums named correspondingly to how the door is lifted:

Standard lift – Generally used for most residential garage doors
Vertical lift – Most commonly used in industrial or warehouse settings
High-lift – An increased vertical rise for the door; horizontal track closer to ceiling

Each type of cable drum is designed to accommodate/balance the door based on the maximum door height, overall weight of the door and the cable thickness and length.

When a garage door drum needs to be replaced, trust that we know exactly the type that you need. We carry all the different models and brands of all garage door components. Furthermore, when you book us, you can take advantage of our discounts and deals on our products and services.

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Team Taylor Doors takes pride in our experienced and capable technicians who can immediately fix all your garage door problems. They are the reason why we have consistently great ratings.

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