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5 Reasons Why My Garage Door Opener Remote Isn’t Working

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We have all experienced that feeling of pressing the button on a remote control and nothing happens. It’s frustrating when it happens on our TV but it can cause a bit of panic when it happens to the remote for our garage door.

Do you shake it and then press the button a little harder? Still didn’t work? Now what? Don’t panic. Like any remote control, things can get knocked out of place or they lose power for any number of reasons.

5 Reasons Why My Garage Door Opener Remote Isn’t Working

Before you panic, just remember all the other remotes you have that have stopped working. You will likely find the answer.

1. Batteries Died

Your batteries in the remote will last about two years under normal use. That should be the first place you look. You can try opening the door with the wall panel. If the door opens, then check the batteries.

They may have just gotten bumped loose or come out of their slots, as well. Change the batteries and make a note of when you did. A small piece of tape with the date on the back will be a nice reminder that they need to be changed.

2. Lock Button is On

Check the panel to see if the lock button has activated. This could have happened without you noticing or perhaps by someone else. Once you unlock the door, try your remote again.

3. Remote Signal Interrupted

If you changed the batteries and unlocked the door manually, perhaps the remote is not connecting to the transmitter. This could happen if the batteries are weak, there is some damage to either the remote or the transmitter, or you are too far away.

Stand about 20 feet from the transmitter.  if your remote is further away from the door, the signal won’t be strong enough to open the door. If your remote works, check the antennae doesn’t have anything blocking it, is pointed at the door, or that nothing is broken.

4. Remote Needs to Be Reprogrammed

Sometimes, if there was a power outage or lack of use, the remote just needs a boost. To reprogram your remote, find and press the openers learn button. Within 30 seconds, hold the button on your remote for three seconds or until the opener’s lights flash or the LED light on your opener blinks. Try it again to see if that will work.

5. Wiring Problem

The wiring problem could be in your remote or within the opening system. To test this,

  • Unplug the opener and disconnect the two wires from the motor
  • Reconnect your machine to power, then clear the memory and reprogram the remote control
  • Unplug the device again and reconnect the control wiring to the motor
  • Find the wall-mounted controls and disconnect the wiring
  • Try using your remote again to see if that’s done the trick

Also, check out the remote, as well. Check the area around the battery for corrosion or wires that may be broken or fallen away. Remotes can get damaged, even more so than your television remote.

They can get tossed in the glove compartment, left on the seat, frozen, left in the heat, dropped on the ground, sat on, knocked under the seat, and so much more. They are sturdy but can take a beating when used so often every day.

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