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Garage Door Parts Explained

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Are you aware of what garage door parts are? It’s important to know how to identify the different parts of the door and what they do. There are three main types of garage doors: sectional steel, wood paneling, and rolling steel panels. Each type has its own unique characteristics that need to be taken into consideration when selecting replacement parts for any repairs or upgrades. In this blog post, we’ll go over some common questions about these components and provide answers for you!

Garage Door Parts of Sectional Steel Garage Doors

Steel garage doors are made from long, horizontal steel sheets that are sandwiched between heavy-duty spring and pulley assemblies into the style, shape and size needed. They’re designed to roll up through the track and rest in the available area up above. These doors are common choices for residential homes and commercial warehouses.

Sectional garage doors carry several different parts that work together to achieve the lifting motion for your garage door opening and keep it steady while operating. Some of these components include:

Horizontal Track

The part of the track at the top of your door opening that is parallel with the floor. This is where the garage door rest when it is fully opened.

Vertical Track: The part of the track that is up against the framing on the sides of your garage door. It also holds or supports the rollers that assist in moving your garage door up and down with ease.

Extension Springs

These compression springs connect the top of your door to the horizontal track and work together with the cables to lift your garage door into place.

Garage Door Opener

This electrical unit works in conjunction with your garage door springs to lift your garage door up and down. This allows for the convenience of being able to automatically operate your garage door without having to manually open and close it. Newer units even allow for the capability to control your garage door opener with your smart phone.


Long steel threaded cables that connect from the bottom of your garage door to your spring system either via drums or pulleys   These pull your garage door up and down when the opener motor runs.


Garage door rollers allow for the door is roll through the track with ease. Kind of like tires on your vehicle, when these are properly taken care of, the rest of your system will operate smoother and last longer.

Torsion Spring

This is attached to your head track and pulls up on your cables to lift the door up and down. They’re often made of steel or high-strength wire rope, but can occasionally be found in chains as well.

Support Bar

The horizontal bar that runs along the bottom of your garage door near where it meets the floor. It helps support the weight of your door when it’s open and keeps it from sagging.

Weather Seals

These ensure a good seal between your garage door and the frame to keep out cold air in the winter, rainwater on rainy days, or excessive heat in the summer. They’re designed to provide an interface between your garage door and track that will hold up well against weathering, mildew, and rust.

Need Help With Your Garage Door Parts?

A garage door is a large and important part of your home. It can be difficult to understand what type of parts you need, how much they cost, or who will install them for you. Fortunately, there are professionals here at Team Taylor Doors that can help answer any questions you have about our services and products. Whether it’s installation day or just an inquiry on pricing, we want to hear from you so contact us today! We look forward to hearing from our community soon.

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