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How Often Should You Service Garage Doors?

How Often Should You Service Garage Doors

Do you know how often you should service garage doors? It may not be the first home-improvement task that comes to mind when you think about making repairs, but it’s important. A little preventative maintenance can help ensure the functionality of your garage door for a long time.

Factors Determining When to Service Garage Doors

The simplest answer to the repair frequency question is to get your garage door serviced at least once per year, preferably twice. We find that one of the most critical variables affecting garage doors is seasonal changes. Doing an annual service check means you’ll at least remedy the switches between warm and cold.

Especially in places like Kansas City, you’re bound to get both extremes in temperature, so it’s even better to do service work twice a year. Usually, whenever winter heads our way, it’s easy for doors to run much rougher and incur damage that way. That tells you it’s time to re-lubricate everything.

How do you perform garage door maintenance? Can it be a DIY task?

Yes, we highly recommend that homeowners perform basic inspections periodically. You can also probably handle some minor upkeep like lubrication. However, it greatly helps to employ professional services to make sure you don’t miss anything.

When we do our inspections we’re very thorough about making sure everything’s balanced, the door doesn’t ride rough, there’s no metal fatigue, and every nut/bolt is secure. Your garage door is no different than any other mechanism. Things simply have to be greased and tightened from time to time.

If you want to gain further understanding of these types of issues, read through this post on common garage door problems.

Why it’s Important to Service Garage Doors

You can really save significant money in the long run if you service your garage doors frequently. It’s not uncommon for a garage door’s framing to shift and lose balance even if you’ve only had it for a year. Keep your ears open for any popping noises that indicate those kinds of problems.

Again, when we talk about temperature changes, physics is the same as any other physical structure around your home. Warm weather might make the wood start to expand and cause it to rub or drag. Cold weather can really compromise the ball joints and bearings, making them bind severely and more difficult to move.

All of these problems tend to be worse on older doors. Fortunately, with lubrication and tightening, you can drastically mitigate any excessive friction and dysfunction.

Services & Repairs We Offer

Now that you understand the basics of taking care of garage doors, we’d like to show you what we mean by professional assistance. Our service and repair options are pretty extensive, and include:

● Garage Door Repair
● Garage Door Opener Repair
● Broken Garage Door Springs
● 24-Hour Emergency Service
● Keypad & Remote Repair
● . . . and more!

Yes, we are available any time of the day to handle a garage door malfunction in the Kansas City area. As you can see, we address every possible garage door quandary, either in person or remotely. You won’t have to go through any other contractors or companies for a solution.

Satisfaction Guaranteed with Team Taylor Doors in Kansas City

So, as we said, it’s smart for homeowners to preempt the frustrations with routine maintenance. However, when things go beyond the purview of DIY, you can count on Team Taylor Doors to get you out of a jam. Garage doors are a nice luxury, but no one wants to fiddle with them all the time, which is where we enter the equation.

Don’t forget that we offer several awesome coupon specials for service on garage doors. This includes great deals like $100 off repair work on double-size garage doors. Our reputation for friendly discounts and stupendous repair work is the reason we maintain a 5-star rating on Google Reviews (with more than 400 reviews).

If you have any questions regarding when to service garage doors, contact us today for more information.

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