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Everything You Need to Know Before Your New Garage Door Installation

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Getting a new garage door is a smart investment. It adds to your home’s safety, helps regulate your energy bills, and they can look really great. Just picking a new door can be a challenge, as you will be up against a lot of great options.

But, once you have made your choice, then comes the installation. This is a big job and requires some planning. These doors are heavy and complicated. This is not a job you can do by yourself.

Everything You Need to Know Before Your New Garage Door Installation

You need to be ready when the technicians come to install your door. Just because we are professional and have done these many times, we still need you to be ready for us.

Make Room

Get everything out of the way from the door. You don’t want anything in the way to block the doorway or the surrounding area. We need to be able to have space to move about and not trip over anything.

Move boxes, bikes, toys, tools, and anything that isn’t too heavy out of the way. There is a big door that needs to be installed and another big door that needs to come out.

Upgrade Your Insulation

Getting a new door installed might be a good time to check the insulation in your garage. If you are installing a door with insulation, it just makes good sense to add more insulation to the rest of the space.

Inspect Your Wiring

This is important as your wiring may be old or outdated. If your old garage door has been there a while, you may need to upgrade to make sure your system can accommodate the new door.

Plus, if your door is more tech-savvy than your last one, you may well need to upgrade your panel in order to get the new features to work and function as they should.

Check Your Mechanics

Your whole opening system should be inspected beforehand. You may need heartier springs or new pulleys to get the most out of your new door. It may be a different size, much heavier, and have different needs or requirements.

These things should be done before we get there. However, if you are buying a door from the people who will be installing it, then that should be part of the package. It’s just important that you know these things need to be taken care of.

Clean the Area

Clearing away the toys and Christmas decorations are one thing, but clean out the tracks, major messes on the floor, like oil stains, so that it doesn’t get transferred on to the new door.

We need space to move and work so as much as you can get out of the way, the better. The door needs space to be laid down flat. Remove anything valuable from the area, and anything that may get broken.

Have Someone Home

Obviously, we need access to the garage. But, it’s smart to have someone home anyhow, just in case. The garage doors will be wide open for quite a while so it’s better if someone is there to make sure strangers or animals don’t wander in.

Talk To The Pros

Give us a call and we can take you through the entire process and help remove any doubt. Here at Team Taylor, we can let you know what type of garage door will be best for your home, and everything you need to know about having it installed.

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