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Team Taylor Doors is the highest rated garage door repair service company in the Kansas City metro area.

Our more than 400 5-star Google reviews speak for themselves.

We pride ourselves on fair pricing and exceptional service. When you work with Team Taylor, you will never be sold something you don’t need. We treat each of our customers as family. Not only are we the area’s most trusted source for timely, expert repair, but we also go the extra mile with things like thorough cleaning of our job sites.

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About this Area

Raymore, located in Cass County in the Kansas City metropolitan area, is one of Missouri’s fastest growing cities. The current population is about 23,000, which is more than double what it was just 20 years ago.

Points of interest in Raymore include the Watkins Family Farm Historic District, which was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2007.

The city was platted in 1874, and the name came from combining the names of two railroad men – Ray and Moore.

5 Safety Tips for Operating Your Raymore Garage Door

    1. Proper garage door maintenance is key for safe operation and to get the most out of your investment. Preventive maintenance can go a long way towards extending the life of your garage door’s components. Team Taylor Doors can help with a maintenance schedule so that you can be assured that everything is in good working order.
    2. Test your door’s auto-reverse mechanism. Since 1991, all garage doors must have a reversing mechanism that causes the door to change directions when it senses something in its path. You can safely test this function by placing something like a block of wood on the floor of your garage, below the center of the door. A pair of photo eye sensors should detect the object when you lower the door. The door should automatically reverse directions before it hits the object. Do not operate your door if this function is not working properly.
    3. Never attempt to repair a garage door’s springs or cables yourself. This is work that, for reasons of safety, must be performed by a trained service technician. The springs and cables are under extreme tension and can cause severe injury or even death.
  • Talk to all family members, especially children, about operating a garage door safely. Make sure that everyone understands that a garage door is not a toy and that when mishandled can be a very dangerous object. Be sure that everyone always keeps fingers or hands away from all sections of the door when it is operating.
  • Keep all remote control garage door openers out of the reach of children. When wall mounting a push-button garage door control, be sure that it is high enough so that young children can not access it.

Team Taylor Doors Can Help You With a Maintenance Schedule for Your Garage Door

Team Taylor Doors offers a comprehensive list of services, including a maintenance schedule. We can keep your door in optimal working condition. Let us handle any preventive maintenance so that you don’t have to worry about it. And as always, we will never sell you a product or service that you don’t need. That’s our guarantee.

Contact Team Taylor to work with the Raymore garage door experts.

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