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Stillwell Garage Door Repair

Need a Stillwell Garage Door Repair Company? Call Team Taylor Doors at (816) 812-6392 for quality solutions. We serve Stillwell, KS and the greater Kansas City area.

If you have a home In Stillwell, KS you know how expensive garage door repair services can become if left unchecked. You should know what preventative maintenance issues to address before they blossom into expensive problems or safety hazards. This is not always easy to ascertain, but Team Taylor Doors can surely help you determine what your home may need in the present or future.

All of our technicians are fully licensed garage door repair experts who have passed a strict background check. You can be confident that the individual arriving at your home or place of business is a trusted professional with several years of industry experience

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Look Out For These Common Garage Door Problems

Garage Door problems can happen unexpectedly, putting a stop to your normal routine. As soon as you notice anything out of the ordinary, do not delay in calling for professional garage door services. Below we discuss some more common garage door problems our clients experience, as well as our professional solutions.

Garage Door Opener Don’t Work

Whether you use the garage door opener or press the interior button, if your garage door door does not open, there may be a problem with the opener itself. Check and confirm that the electrical plug of garage door opener is plugged in, plus the electrical outlet is patent. Check the the motor of the garage door opener is functioning properly be listening for the motor noise. Finally, check the optic-sensor safety system for debris that may be blocking it.

Garage Door Doesn’t Seal All The Way To The Bottom

Your safety beam could be blocked by something that is keeping the door from coming down. The alignment of the photo eyes could be off and not communicating. Check to make sure both lights are solid. If they are not solid and blinking they could be off. Try to realign them and try to put the door down again. If this does not work give us a call.

Garage Door Remote Won’t Work

Nothing gets more common than this type of mechanical issue. If it’s not battery-related then you may need to refer to the manual and see how to reprogram the remote. If that doesn’t work then contact Team Taylor to access the problem.

Garage Door Gear and Sprocket Failure

If the garage door opener makes a loud grinding noise but the door itself doesn’t open or close, the gear and sprocket assembly inside the opener is probably burnt out. The gear and sprocket assembly is one of the most common components to fail on garage door openers.

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