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Why Is My Garage Door Opener Flashing and Not Fully Closing?

Garage Door opener flashing

Modern garage door openers are “smarter” than ever before – a garage door opener flashing is trying to tell you something! Today’s openers come with self-diagnostic abilities that let you figure out what is going on with your door. Milyen ajtókat kell felszerelni a kaszinóban. Amikor eldöntjük, milyen ajtókat szereljünk fel a kaszinóban, számos tényezőt […]

Reasons for a Garage Door Not Opening

garage door not opening

If you have a garage door, there is a good chance you have dealt with this problem in the past – your garage door not opening when you activate your garage door opener. While it can be frustrating, there is usually a logical explanation for this problem. Keep reading to learn some of the most […]

How Long Do Kansas City Garage Door Springs Last?

garage door springs

When discussing garage door springs in Kansas City, there are two types of spring systems. Extension springs or torsion springs. These are the parts of the door that are responsible for opening and closing of the door. A broken garage door spring is the number one cause of a broken garage door. While this is […]

10 Things You Can Do Every Day to Make Your Home Safer

make your home safer

Follow these 100 tips to make your home safer in Kansas City. Take in your mail, newspapers, and door-to-door advertising Don’t let your mail sit in your mailbox overnight; pick it up every day. Shred mail with sensitive information, like credit card offers. Also, don’t leave your mail in your car. If you do, it’s […]

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