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Tips for Choosing the Right Garage Door Color

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Our garage doors are much more than simply doors. They have become an extension of the home. They reflect our taste, our style, and they can add and enhance all aspects of the home. And why shouldn’t it? You put a lot of thought and work into the rest of the house. Just like your front door, your garage door color should stand out and add to the overall look of the house.

Your garage door should add curb appeal to your home and complement the rest of the outside color and style. You can choose a bright bold color so the door stands out or you can pick something more subtle that blends in.

Tips for Choosing the Right Garage Door Color

Depending on where you live, the color of your house, and what type of garage door you have will help you decide what color will work best.

If you have a nice new door with fancy features, a unique style and shape, you may want to go bold. Consider using the same color on the door as you have elsewhere, like window frames, roof, or other accessories.

If your garage door is old, you may want to paint it the same color or a shade darker than the rest of the house. That way, if it has damages like dents or cracks, they won’t show as much.

If your home is brick, either red or brown, then choose a color slightly darker than the bricks.

A white house could go with almost any color, like black, green, red, and you wouldn’t need much to really make the accents stand out.

Color Coordination

Finding colors that are opposites can work just as well as colors within the same hue. Very often, just going a shade darker for trim and accessories can really make the home pop and give it dimensions.

Here is a guide:

Complementary Colors

These are colors that are directly opposite one another on the color wheel. Red and green are complementary, blue and orange, yellow and purple. Because there is a lot of difference between these colors, they tend to go well together and make everything stand out.

Analogous Colors

These are colors that are next to each other on the wheel. These would be colors like reds, blues, purples, oranges. Since the differences between the colors are not as drastic, they tend to look well together.

Monochromatic Colors

These are simply different shades of the same color.  If you start with red, then add white, it’s the same base, but lighter. If you use white, then add a bit of black, it becomes grey. There’s little contrast between monochromatic colors since the base of them is the same.

Neutrals Colors

Neutral colors are gray, white, and black. Brown, which is made by mixing two complementary colors or all three primary colors, is also neutral. If your house is a neutral color, you can do whatever you like and still have it work.

It’s Your Door

Keep in mind, you have to live with this color. Try to avoid what is trending, as you should really want to express yourself, and not look like everyone else on your block.

While you should make your garage the main focus, you should still give it some style. If you are stuck for ideas, give us a call here at Team Taylor. We help people with all kinds of garage door issues, including what color is best.

Call us today and tell us your ideas and we will help you see them.

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