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Tips to Prolong Your Garage Door’s Lifespan

Prolong Your Garage Door's Lifespan
Would you like some helpful tips on how to prolong your garage door’s lifespan? Garage doors are a mainstay luxury for any premium home, but it’s nice to know that they’ll last a while. Continue reading if you’d like to keep your garage door in top condition and not need to buy a new one prematurely.

Easy Ways to Prolong Your Garage Door’s Lifespan

There are two really obvious ways to lengthen the lifespan of your home’s garage door. First, don’t let your children hit the open/close button hundreds of times a day (we all did this when we were little). Second, avoid letting something big, such as your car, run into it. We’ve seen some serious collisions that can totally demolish an expensive garage door. When it comes to the door mechanisms (the buttons, pulleys, etc.), you can always reduce wear and tear by utilizing other home entrances. Like anything else, the more you use it, the faster it needs service and repair. If you can mix it up and enter through the front door sometimes, then it takes the pressure off the garage door. Beyond the obvious stuff, we can highlight some other common setbacks for garage door functionality. Many homeowners fail to take full advantage of warranty service offers or routine tune-ups. These are your opportunities to have a knowledgeable repair person inspect your door and let you know what needs replacing as well as which components are working fine.

Broken Garage Door Components Can Be Unsafe

Broken doors are no trivial matter either. You probably know that garage doors have safety eyes on them, which safeguard against crushing someone (especially children). Always inspect to make sure these are still operable if you want the full benefit of the safety features. Related to that, sometimes we see garage doors that don’t work properly because of misaligned photo eyes. People think the door is broken or stuck when it’s just the safety sensors going off at the wrong time. When in doubt, Team Taylor Doors is always happy to check on it and perform any necessary garage door opener repair.

Other Helpful Ways to Keep Doors Working Right

We enjoy providing helpful suggestions regarding basic garage door upkeep. You can learn even more by reading this previous post on spring garage door maintenance tips. Don’t forget the relatively simple ways to prevent problems with garage doors and garage door openers. ● Keep everything oiled. ● Make sure every nut and bolt remains tight. ● Don’t let your door get off-kilter or unbalanced. ● If you hear noises or notice it stalling, don’t ignore the problem. ● Make sure all cables and pulleys attach properly to ball joints. ● If you’ve had the garage door for longer than five years, consider swapping the rollers, for a longer lifespan. Of course, if something’s really stuck or damaged, you’ll want to contact Team Taylor for further assistance.

Prolong Your Garage Door’s Lifespan with Team Taylor Doors

Never panic if your garage door starts acting funny. We’ve seen it all and know how to troubleshoot virtually any problem. We are known as Kansas City’s go-to option for all garage door matters. In fact, Expertise.com recognizes us as one of the Best Garage Door Companies in Lee’s Summit in 2021. Our customer service is at the elite level, according to Home Advisor, and we maintain a perfect 5-star rating on Google Reviews. You’re in the best capable hands when you choose Team Taylor Doors. We hope you found these ways to prolong your garage door’s lifespan usefully and will call us the next time you get in a garage door jam.

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