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What Are The Signs It’s Time to Call A Kansas City Garage Door Replacement Service?

Garage Door Replacement kansas city
A good Kansas City garage door replacement service can get you out of a jam when your current equipment fails. Of course, it really helps to replace your door before things turn sour. That’s why we thought it would help you to know the telltale signs you should think about installing a new garage door.

Signs It’s Time to Call a Kansas City Garage Door Replacement Service

Kansas City can be a pretty wild place when it comes to changes in the weather. Between snow and tornadoes, we can get a real beatdown, which is also true for your garage door equipment. Changes in temps really mess up the hardware of the door. The spring mechanism suffers a lot in particular, which can adversely affect your rollers, then ultimately how quietly your door operates. Lots of folks call us after winter storms or thunderstorms. After losing electricity, they don’t want to get locked out again, so we get lots of requests following those events. Sometimes the extreme cold reminds us of why it helps to have a better-insulated garage door. It’s really no different from windows or doors elsewhere around the home. Our customers also call us when they want to bolster their security and avoid repeating the problems with power outages. Today’s replacement options make it so that you never get locked out of your home again. Many of our garage doors and garage door openers have locking mechanisms, internal backup batteries, as well as remote accessibility.

Garage Doors That Become Inoperable

Perhaps the most obvious sign that you need a replacement garage door is the complete failure of your current one. We know how frustrating this can be. Sometimes homeowners cannot even open the door anymore because of excessive rust. Furthermore, water damage can completely ruin the rollers, cables, springs, and everything else. At some point, you can no longer address problems with new parts. That leaves you with little choice but to hunt for a new garage door.

Timetable for Various Service Needs

Are you looking for more specific timetables on WHEN you can expect to need garage door repair service? That’s no problem because although no two garage doors are the same, we notice some general trends in life expectancy. ● Routine Service Tune-Ups: Get these done at least annually. We even recommend doing it twice a year to address the shifts in and out of winter/summer. That’s when you see potential problems with the rollers and other hardware. ● Parts Replacements: Usually after about five years, it’s common to need new parts or accessories such as springs, cables, and so forth. Granted, the mileage may vary depending on how well you take care of everything. ● Full Garage Door Replacement: After about 15 or 20 years, the possibility of replacing the door enters into the picture. However, we’ve seen doors that last for longer than 30 years.

Commercial Door Considerations

We’d also like to remind our commercial clients not to neglect key service tasks either. Running a business is incredibly busy (we can sympathize), but it becomes even harder when you have broken equipment. We address commercial doors in greater detail in this article on the 10 signs it’s time to replace your Kansas City commercial door.

Excellent Kansas City Garage Door Replacement Service with Team Taylor Doors

Don’t forget that Team Taylor Doors specializes in both installation and repair work. We can help you choose the right door design, install it, fix it if you run into problems, and show you how to keep it running for years. Nearly everything we do comes with a warranty guarantee, which we strive to fully honor, no matter what. We also offer a few different service coupons you can find on our website, including 10% off service to new customers. That’s a good one to remember when you’re looking for that annual tune-up. We vouch for 100% customer satisfaction for all the work we do. For more assistance, contact the pros at Team Taylor Doors, the best Kansas City garage door replacement service.

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