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What Should You Know About Broken Garage Door Springs?

Garage Door Springs

Broken garage door springs are a real hassle and a serious safety hazard if you don’t address them properly. This is one of your most common repair tasks at Team Taylor Doors. Let’s go over what you should do if your garage door springs start to show signs of wear and tear.

Why Are Broken Garage Door Springs a Problem?

The springs are by far the most dangerous part of the garage door. If a spring gets loose, it can fly off and either put a hole into something in your garage or even kill whoever it strikes. That’s reason enough to make this your most important upkeep check.

The spring does most of the heavy-duty lifting. There’s a lot of tension as it winds and unwinds to close the door. Because of all the tension, if it ever gets slightly loose, it has the potential to become a dangerous projectile.

Springs usually break at their highest point when they fully stretch (with the door closed). Sometimes they break during operation, but, 90% of the time it’s when the spring stretches out all the way. If it occurs while the door is in operation, it will cause the door to crash to the ground.

Fortunately, modern garage door designs have come a long way and this doesn’t happen as frequently. Better safety standards and the use of safety cables greatly mitigate the risk of projectile springs. There is still, however, a lot of danger for a spring flying off, particularly if you’re inside the garage.

This is one of the reasons Team Taylor Doors highly emphasizes the valuable repair services and inspections we do. It’s the best way to ward off a potentially horrible situation with your garage door spring.

Don’t Change Springs By Yourself

Changing a garage door spring on your own is a bad idea. Since it’s unpredictable and can fly off unexpectedly, changing it requires expert attention. Even people who know what they’re doing have gotten killed or hurt doing this, so we highly recommend NOT changing one by yourself.

Garage Door Spring Life Expectancy

Your garage door spring will probably last for about 10,000 cycles (opening/closing it). Depending on your insulation and wall thickness, it can support between 200 and 650 pounds. Therefore, if you have the correct size of equipment, it should last a while.

However, given the severity of garage door spring problems, you should let us inspect it at least once a year. One of our technicians can look over all the critical components and let you know if the spring is deteriorating prematurely.

If you want to learn more about garage door springs, check out this post we did on their life expectancy. In that piece, we talk more about keeping an eye out for rusty springs and monitoring how old they’re getting. Generally, you can expect to hold onto your spring for about seven years if you open/close your door twice a day.

Get Broken Garage Door Springs Fixed at Team Taylor Doors

Homeowners that take care of their doors don’t need to panic over garage door springs, but it merits your attention. As we said, the best preventative measure is to let Team Taylor Doors perform routine checks on it once or twice a year. Our staff is fully licensed and insured to handle any safety checks on any type of garage door.

We always get high marks for the work we do for your clients in and around Kansas City. You can read through more than 400 5-star ratings on Google Reviews that fully attest to that. Our business holds full accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and BloggerLocal considers us the #1 Garage Door Repair Service.

Now that you know what to do with broken garage door springs, feel free to contact us at any time for all your service needs.

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