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10 Signs Your Garage Door Needs Maintenance

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There can be all sorts of problems that arise with your garage door. Sometimes minor problems occur that you are unable to take of yourself. It’s recommended you hire a professional to look after your garage door maintenance.

A professional can take care of the small problems you may be having and also spot any other potential problems that may crop up later on. Even if you don’t think there is a problem, there still may be.

10 Signs Your Garage Door Needs Maintenance

It’s important that you have regular inspections on your garage doors, even if there are no apparent problems.

1. Door Doesn’t Respond

If your garage door doesn’t respond to the remote or the keypad, there could be a few different problems. It could be the keypad, the remote, the motor, the springs or something else.

2. Making Noises

Some noises are quite common with garage doors, as they are rarely completely silent. But if you have noticed new noises, like grinding, squeaking, bumping, or thudding, you should get it checked out.

3. Bounces Back Open

When you open or close your garage door and it bounces back the opposite way, there could be a problem with the motor or other mechanisms. Don’t use it and keep everyone away from it, then call your garage door repair team.

4. Visible Damages

If the garage door has been damaged by you, the kids, or a storm, you should definitely get it serviced before using it again. There could be more damages than you know and that could cause more problems or injury.

5. Uneven Door

Perhaps your garage door no longer sits flush against the concrete or it doesn’t lower or raise evenly. There could be a problem with your garage door springs or cables. Do not attempt to check or repair these yourself.

6. Jerky or Pauses

If the door stops and starts or jerks quite badly like it is struggling to move, call your garage door repair team right away. You shouldn’t trust that the door will eventually complete its cycle. And repeatedly trying could make matters even worse.

7. Slow Movement

If the garage door is moving too slowly, there could be an electrical problem with your garage door opener. This is not something you should try to diagnose or fix yourself. Call your local garage door experts to check it out.

8. Vibrates

A shaking or vibrating garage door could mean there are problems with the tracks. It may have something caught in the tracks that are making it shake, or there could be damage to the track, or it may have come off the track. Don’t check the track yourself.

9. Opening on its Own

When the garage door seems to have taken on a life of its own, there could be something wrong electrically with the garage door opener. There could be damaged or broken wires, corroded internals, insect or water damage. This is not something you should look at yourself. It could be a fire hazard.

10. Old Age

It might be at the end of its time. These things wear out after years of constant use. Replacing the door could also mean a lot of new upgrades and a good chance to get everything back to working like new again.

Inspections are a great way to keep your garage doors running better for longer.

Garage Door Maintenance

Keeping up with maintenance on your garage door is a great idea. Keeping everything clean, tightened and greased, giving everything a once-over check regularly, and having an inspection will keep your garage doors and openers working for a long time.

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