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About this Area

With a population of about 67,000, Shawnee is the seventh largest city in the Kansas City Metro
Area. It was named for a Shawnee Indian mission that was founded on the site in 1831. The
town began in 1857.
Shawnee is home to a host of entertainment and cultural options as well as great schools and
job opportunities. In 2010, it ranked 17th in Money Magazine’s Best Places to Live survey.
Team Taylor doors is proud to offer same- or next-day service to our Shawnee customers.
Whether it’s repair, replacement or an emergency situation, we’re one call away.

Garage Door Maintenance Tips

There are some things you can do to prevent regular garage door mishaps. A little bit of
preventive maintenance can go a long way. Of course, even the best-maintained garage door
system will eventually need professional repair. When that occurs, Team Taylor is your go-to
Shawnee, Kansas, source.
In the meantime, follow these steps to keep your garage door operating optimally.

Keep the Door Clean and All Moving Parts Lubricated

Regularly cleaning your garage door will prevent dirt buildup and corrosion. We recommend you
follow this simple process once every few months:
1. Dust the door inside and out.
2. Apply a mild liquid soap and wipe down with a wet sponge.
3. Rinse the door by spraying gently with a garden hose.
4. Apply a synthetic lubricant to your door opener’s chain or screw-drive. And apply
lightweight oil to your door’s rollers and hinges. Never use a lubricant on the door’s
tracks as this could cause the door to slip and become unbalanced.

Test Your Opener’s Auto-Reverse Safety Feature

It’s critical to your safety that your automatic garage door opener detects anything in the door’s
path. If there are any obstructions, the door should automatically reverse direction to prevent
injury or property damage. Never operate your door without this safety feature working
To test the auto-reverse safety feature:
● Raise the garage door and place a block of wood on the floor in the direct path of the
garage door.
● A pair of photo eye sensors (required with any garage door installed after 1991) are
typically placed 5 to 10 inches above the floor. The sensors should detect the block of
wood on the floor when you lower the door. The door should automatically reverse
directions before it hits the object.
● If your auto-reverse safety feature is not working correctly, clean the photo eye sensors
with a damp cotton swab and test again.
● If your door is still not reversing properly, call Team Taylor. Do not operate your garage
door if this safety feature is not working.

Safely Check To See if Your Door Is Balanced

In order for your door’s mechanical parts not to be unnecessarily stressed, the door needs to be
properly balanced.
Remember: Never disconnect the garage door from the opener unless the door is fully
lowered to the ground. You want to avoid a situation where the heavy garage door could
come crashing down.
To check that your garage door is balanced:
1. Once the door has been lowered to the down position, pull the opener’s emergency
release cord to disconnect it from the motor.
2. Manually lift the door until it is raised about halfway. If the door does not feel heavy, it is
safe to release your hands from the door.
3. After you’ve released your hands, the door should stay in the halfway position without
moving up or down. This indicates that your garage door is balanced correctly and that
the springs are doing the job of lifting the door.
If your garage door is not properly balanced, contact Team Taylor Doors before operating

Make the Smart Choice – Call Team Taylor

To keep your garage door in optimal working condition, call the area’s service leaders. We’ll
always give you an honest assessment of your situation, and we’ll never try to sell you
something that you don’t need.
For honest, professional, timely service, Team Taylor Doors leads the way. Our 5-Star Google
Ratings tell the whole story. We treat our customers with respect – always.
Get the job done right the first time. Contact Team Taylor today for a free estimate.

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